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3 Questions to Ask on a Phone Interview

Author: Laurie Knafo/Tuesday, April 03, 2018/Categories: SNI Companies, SNI Financial, For Employers, SNI Certes, For Employers, SNI Technology, Accounting Now, Staffing Now

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Phone interviews are often the first step of the interviewing process, as well as your chance to make a memorable first impression. Often time people take phone interviews a bit less seriously, therefore coming to the call unprepared. Tips commonly include printing your resume as if you were in person, sitting at a table to ensure your voice sound clear and projects, and smile even though no one can see you. While this is all great advice, you should also consider bringing questions to the table to, not only to display your interest in the conversation, but also to challenge your interviewer, showing them that you did your research. Here are 3 questions to ask on your next phone interview.

“What are the roles and responsibilities of this position?”
Get straight to the point of this interview, and ask them what your day-to-day tasks look like, as well as your role within the company. Job descriptions only tell so much and generally tend to leave out the nitty gritty details – Ask the interviewer to explain the purpose of this position and how they foresee measuring the success of the person in it. It is also beneficial to hear this in a conversational environment versus on the website job listing.

“What foreseeable or identified challenges will this person face?”
The answer to this question is never something you will find in a job description, and, while it may not be a deal breaker, it is important information to have before stepping into a new role. Not only will it prepare you, but it will also show you how the team goes about solving issues and the way things work internally. In addition, asking this can open an opportunity for you to speak to how you have tackled challenges in past roles, highlighting relatable scenarios and your experience.

“What is your timeline for next steps?”
This is a basic interview question, but a vital one to ensure you have direction on when you can expect to hear back from the hiring manager. It may not always be accurate, but it does give you an excuse to check-in with HR or the recruiter you are working with at SNI Companies regarding the status of the position without feeling annoying or abrasive, but rather reiterating your interest and recapping why you would be a great fit.

Use these questions as a way to connect with your interviewer while also gaining insight into the company and role in which you are applying. Spend time before your interview brainstorming on what you, as the interviewee, want to get out of this phone call – Interviewing is a two-way street, so, while the hiring manager is scoping you out as a potential candidate, you should also view this as a time to learn all you can about the position and vet if it is the right place for you.


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Laurie Knafo
Laurie Knafo

Laurie Knafo

Laurie Knafo is Regional Vice President for SNI. Her 30+ years in the recruiting business enable her to bring insightful counsel to companies and candidates looking to make the most out of their staffing relationships.

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Laurie Knafo is Regional Vice President for SNI. Her 30+ years in the recruiting business enable her to bring insightful counsel to companies and candidates looking to make the most out of their staffing relationships.


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