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Effectively Working with a Recruiter

Effectively Working with a Recruiter

The key to building a long term partnership with a recruiter is to establish open communication and set proper expectations from the start. As the Division Director for SNI Financial in Dallas for nearly 10 years, I’ve helped hundreds of candidates make positive career changes and continue to follow their path. There are some key things I’ve seen that make the interview and hiring process much smoother all around. If you’re brand new to working with a recruiter, or just feel like you need to improve your working relationship with your current recruiter, here are some suggestions to help you during this process:
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SNI Financial Staffing: Full-Time Placement Services

SNI Financial specializes in the direct hire placement of Accounting, Finance, Tax, and Banking professionals. We can assist with both contingent and retained searches, ranging from the staff to CFO level. As a financial professional, you'll benefit from partnering with specialized recruiters as a resource for your career development. Our team can assist you by leveraging business contacts with top employers and identifying quality job opportunities that match your personal and professional goals. As an employer, you'll enjoy the improved hiring success that comes from working with experienced professionals who have strategic access to a broad range of top-tier candidates. We can help you attract and hire well-qualified and motivated employees, all while significantly reducing your typical search time.

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When’s the Right Time to Switch Jobs in the Financial Industry?

If you’re working for a small company or if you simply can’t picture your future with your current employer, it may be time to move on. While its important to be viewed as a loyal employee, you also need to look out for yourself!

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Resume Writing for First Time Job Seekers

Writing a thorough resume when you don't have professional experience can be a challenge. But keep in mind: If you’re applying for an entry-level job, chances are many of the other applicants will be entry-level as well.

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Making the Most of your Accounting Internship

So, you’ve landed an internship. What’s next? Whether or not this is your first taste of the professional world, you’ll want to make the most of it. After all, if you play your cards right, this could lead to your ideal accounting job. Even if you get sent fetching for coffee, keep a positive attitude and try to follow these tips.

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