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5 Social Media Habits That Can Keep You From the Job

5 Social Media Habits That Can Keep You From the Job

Social media – Where we get our personal news, latest trends, and information on various topics. Five years ago, many social outlets were still a work in progress, used mainly by college students, and, today, users range in age and occupation, making more than half of the American population avid social media users. Due to this, many companies have decided to join the movement in two major ways: 1. Creating social accounts for their business, and 2. Using social media as a way to screen potential new talent. Recruiters use this tool to contact potential candidates who they think seem qualified for a position, as well as to scope out current applicants before bringing them in for a formal interview. Because of this, job seekers need to understand how their accounts play a huge role in today’s hiring process, and how to use these profiles in a positive way, hopefully, landing the job – Here are a few tips how:
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