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Bridging the Gap with Millennials and Gen Z

Bridging the Gap with Millennials and Gen Z

Millennials and now Gen Z are the face of young professional talent and the future of business in more ways than one. As the older generation begins entering retirement, positions are opening for younger generations to hold more responsibility and bring new ideas to the table across almost every industry. However, it’s no secret that the younger generation is perceived differently - Growing up in the age of technology and progressing with its advances, they have shifted their focus much more toward innovation than tradition. Due to this, along with millennials and Gen Z’s come many preconceived ideas about this group as a whole. In order to get past these perceptions about their unconventional contributions to the workplace, it is important for managers to understand these young professionals to properly lead them. Here are things senior, and typically more tenured, managers can consider when connecting with these younger generations, ultimately leading both groups to achieve better results.
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