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Navigating Career Changes and Growth

Navigating Career Changes and Growth

In the latest episode of “Hard work-ah with Pete the Job Guy”, Pete interviews Nikos Westmoreland, Director of Business Development at Jimerson Birr and they center their conversation around the idea of change, particularly in one’s career. Before sitting down with Nikos though, Pete gives 3 tips to consider when thinking of a change. The first is to evaluate your reasons and why you are considering leaving. Ask yourself: are you running away from something? Get to the core of why it is you want to leave your current role. The second is to establish what it is that you are looking for and define the criteria. Is it the company culture, a new industry, the healthcare benefits, increased salary, or tuition reimbursement? Define what it is for you and what you really want. The third is to fully understand the job and the company. Find out what a day in the life of the job looks like. Know the ins and outs of the company from their mission statement and company culture to their financials and stability. Pete’s final advice is that if you always stay in your comfort zone you will not grow. Fear, uncertainty and discomfort are your compasses toward growth.
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