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Creative Cover Letter and Resume Ideas for Financial Jobs

Author: SNI Content/Tuesday, May 15, 2012/Categories: SNI Companies, SNI Financial, SNI Certes, Accounting Now

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While talent and experience is important, obtaining a job is—in many ways—a numbers a game. Although you have some idea of what the financial staffing team is looking for from the job post, you can’t read their minds. Plus, you have no idea who else is applying for the position.

So the question is: How do you stand out in an oversaturated job market?

Make a List
Why are you applying for the financial job—and better yet, why should the employer hire you for the job? Spell it out for the financial staffing team with a top ten list of reasons why they should hire you. Use this in place of your cover letter. No need to be redundant. Be concise, and make sure the list highlights your strengths.

Include Recommendations
Do you have a great recommendation from a previous employer? Don’t be afraid to brag; find a way to incorporate it into your cover letter or resume. Whether you choose to italicize the quote and use it as an opener or cite it in the body of your cover letter, use it in a way that you are comfortable with. Oh, and make sure it’s a stellar recommendation that matches the job description.

Try Something Interactive
Are you good on camera? Can you edit a video? Why not create a video of yourself talking about your strengths rather than writing it all down in a lengthy cover letter.

Another idea to build a website or another type of interactive portfolio showcasing your work.  It’ll add to your credibility while offering the employees responsible for staffing financial jobs a new way to scour your skills.

Be Conversational
In your cover letter, incorporate the right mix of financial lingo, professionalism and conversational language. This isn’t a term paper; don’t bore the financial staffing employees with long sentences and redundancies. It’s important to elaborate on your strengths and accomplishments while keeping it simple!

If you’re seeking more ideas, tap various financial staffing services from contacts you’ve made to industry websites. Everyone is different. The most important aspect to creating a superior cover letter and resume is making sure it suitably reflects you and your experience.


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