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Effectively Working with a Recruiter

Effectively Working with a Recruiter

Author: Ben Oller/Tuesday, December 08, 2020/Categories: SNI Companies, SNI Financial, For Job Seekers, SNI Certes, For Job Seekers, SNI Technology, Accounting Now, Staffing Now

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The key to building a long term partnership with a recruiter is to establish open communication and set proper expectations from the start. As the Division Director for SNI Financial in Dallas for nearly 10 years, I’ve helped hundreds of candidates make positive career changes and continue to follow their path. There are some key things I’ve seen that make the interview and hiring process much smoother all around. If you’re brand new to working with a recruiter, or just feel like you need to improve your working relationship with your current recruiter, here are some suggestions to help you during this process:

Clearly Explain Your Career Goals

It’s important to clarify what is happening in your career so your recruiter can better understand how to help you achieve your goals. I’ve seen that there is typically both a “push and pull” that compels someone to explore new opportunities.

  • What is pushing you away from your current situation (long commute, leadership/staff turnover, company instability)

  • What would pull you towards something new (accelerated career path, broader responsibility, more reasonable hours)

Define Your Priorities

Motivation is different for each candidate and it’s best to be transparent about what drives your career decisions. Career priorities can change over time depending on your personal situation. Here are ideas for factors to discuss with your recruiter:

  • What type of role are you targeting? How important is title?

  • What is your desired career path? What skills would you like to gain?

  • What is your ideal salary range? How important are bonus & benefits in the compensation package?

  • How important is work/life balance? Are you willing to put in more hours short term for your long term advancement?

Set Proper Expectations

Keep open communication with your recruiter throughout the entire process so there are no surprises. Our goal is to help you secure an attractive job offer and we need to work together to make that happen! Be candid with your recruiter about the following issues so they don’t become a roadblock in landing a new role:

  • Is there anything that would keep you from leaving your current company? Would you consider a counteroffer if your current company matched your new offer?

  • Is there anything that would prevent you from giving a standard 2-week notice? Are you waiting on a bonus or promotion? Any upcoming trips or time off already planned?

  • Is there anything that could be a red flag if the new employer requires a background check or drug test?

  • Are you currently in the interview process with any other companies? How does that opportunity compare?

Let the Recruiters Do Their Job

Once you’ve established open dialogue with your recruiter, it’s critical to trust their process and timeline. Getting candidates through the interview process and into an attractive new role is what recruiters do best. We also ask our clients for the same type of transparent communication so we can understand their priorities and timing. It’s always our goal to balance the interests of both sides to bring you together. Sometimes things can change with either the hiring process or your job search so we’ll do our best to keep you informed and ask that you do the same. The most effective way to build a long term relationship with your recruiter is to maintain open communication!


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