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How to Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating

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Do you find yourself procrastinating until the last minute? If so, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that “88% of the workforce admitting that they procrastinate at least one hour a day”. We’ve all been there, and whether you procrastinate about things in your professional or personal life, the below practical techniques will help you get out of that mindset and start accomplishing your tasks and goals.


5 Second Rule

Taking immediate action is one of the best ways to deal with procrastination. Don’t give yourself 5 minutes before starting a task because you’ll likely keep procrastinating long after those 5 minutes are over. Mel Robbins is the pioneer of the 5-second rule and says when you catch yourself procrastinating, count backwards from five, then immediately work for 5 minutes. After those 5 minutes are over, you can do whatever you want. Hopefully, by that 5-minute point, the hardest part (getting started) will be over and you’ll be able to finish the task at hand.


Have a Procrastination Song

Pick an upbeat and motivating go-to song to help inspire you. When you find yourself procrastinating listen to the high-energy song and get to work!


Give Yourself an Incentive

The human brain responds to reward stimulus so give yourself an incentive for completing a task. For instance, if you complete x task you can have y reward and incentivize accordingly depending on the task. I.e., the bigger the task the bigger the reward.


Think How Good It Will Feel to Be Done

Remind yourself how good you will feel once the task you are putting off is complete. Having it hang over you and finding immediate distractions can feel good in the short term, but the longer you push something off, the more it will weigh on you. Imagine how you’ll feel once it’s done and free yourself from the anxiety and pressure of procrastinating.


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