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Mental Health Strategies

Mental Health Strategies

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In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, researcher and author, Brené Brown stated, “Another pandemic is going to follow this one—it’s already started; we’re months into it now—which is a real mental-health pandemic.” She elaborated that since the pandemic, anxiety and depression levels have risen, people feel an increased sense of loneliness, and that prescription medicine and divorce rates are higher than they were pre-Covid. While these statistics may sound dismal, during the interview she provided recommendations on coping and dealing with these hard emotions and the mental health toll many are facing right now. Below we’ll provide some of the key takeaways from the interview and how to improve your mental health for your personal and professional wellbeing.

Ask for Help

One key takeaway from the interview is the reminder that “self-awareness is not a luxury”. It’s important to have a support system around you and remember that we are not wired to do this alone. Whether that’s through friends, family, or a counselor, having those around you who want the best for you and can be there for you is imperative to your mental health. Make sure to have a safe support system in place and ask for help when you need it.


Moving Meditation

One of Brené’s favorite mental health activities is to walk and do a daily examination. She will spend that time either reflecting on the day or if it’s a morning walk, thinking of the day to come. Walking is a wonderful, free activity that can start or end your day on the right note. In the evenings it can help you with the transition from work mode to home mode and in the morning can help you organize your thoughts on the day to come and all that you need and want to accomplish. Having time for you, whether that’s a walk, other physical activity, or a meditative practice, can make you feel more grounded and centered.


Moving on From a Failure

Brené recommended a quick exercise you can do when dealing with a personal or professional “failure” and that is to ask yourself: will it matter in 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 months, or 5 years? If it’s not going to matter in 5 months or 5 years, it’s probably not something to get worked up about. Everyone makes mistakes and while those mistakes can seem monumental in the moment, in the long run, they won’t seem important. Using an exercise like the above will help you put things in perspective so you can move on from your mistake and not let it derail your day.


Finally, during the interview Brené posed the question: how do we self-protect when we’re afraid and how does that behavior move us away from our values and goals? Many have struggled to deal with this last year and still find themselves in a hard place. If you’re in such a place, it’s even more important to have a support system around you, tools and practices in place, remember to take each day as it comes, and be kind to yourself.



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