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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Looking for a New Job

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Looking for a New Job

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There are some key questions you should ask yourself when considering a new job. These questions will help you with clarity as to what type of role it is that you should be looking for, what you need in a job, and what you would like to do that’s different from your current job. So before you jump in and start applying for new roles, ask yourself these questions…


What do I need to make in regards to compensation?

Perhaps one of the reasons you’re considering a new job is for a higher salary. If your current job isn’t enough to cover your lifestyle, and you feel you could realistically ask for a higher salary based on your knowledge and experience, then it may be time for a new, more challenging role.


What do I enjoy doing?

Are there any aspects of your current role that you truly enjoy and excel at? Are there parts of your job that don’t feel like “work”? If you’re not sure, keep a journal for a month and jot down daily what you enjoyed. You may find it’s not something that’s in your current work field and that’s ok. It may be a hobby you enjoy or a passion outside of work. If that’s the case, ask yourself if there are any ways you can include that in a future job or perhaps think about going into a new field.


What am I good at?

Think back to what people at work have told you that you’re good at. Newsweek posted an article where they wrote about the 10-core skill sets that exist in the workplace and finding out which of these skill sets is your strength. They include: “Words, Innovation, Building, Technology, Motion, Service, Beauty, Coordination, Analysis, Numbers”. Are you currently in a role that utilizes your strength? It not, it may be time to find a role that does.


What type of environment do I want to work in?

Think about what type of culture you would like to work in and if there is a certain location you have in mind. Do you thrive in a collaborative environment, or work better by yourself? You’ll want to find a role that supports your work style. Similarly, ask yourself where it is you want to work. Many don’t want to spend a lot of time commuting to work every day and with the increase in remote job opportunities, you may be able to work entirely from home. Think about where you want to spend your time working and if you want an in-person role, a remote role, or a hybrid between the two.



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