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Reflecting on 2020

Reflecting on 2020

Author: SNI Companies/Tuesday, December 29, 2020/Categories: SNI Companies, SNI Financial, SNI Certes, SNI Technology, Accounting Now, Staffing Now

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As 2020 comes to a close, you may be taking this time to reflect upon the past year and asking yourself what you accomplished. At the start of a new year, especially the heightened excitement at the beginning of the new decade when the calendar was marked January 1, 2020, many touted phrases like “new year, new you” only to find out within a couple of months that 2020 was not the year anyone expected. So, if at the moment you are comparing yourself to others, regretting not having accomplished more in your personal and professional life, take a step back and re-evaluate what you did learn and how you’ve grown during this past year.

Looking Back

If you’re looking at the resolutions and goals you set back in January 2020, disappointed and frustrated with yourself that you didn’t tick off many of those listed, cut yourself some slack and acknowledge what a strange and hard year it was for everyone. Perhaps you didn’t get that promotion you wanted, but are you able to reflect upon the past year and see if there were any new endeavors or projects you did get accomplished? Perhaps you were one of the many who learned how to bake sourdough bread at home, or you maintained a routine workout regime, or you grew closer to your family. While these examples may not have been your original intentions for the year, it still demonstrates that you’ve grown and improved during this past year and may have actually showed you what you do truly value.

Moving Forward

While we still don’t know how the next year will look, if you’re one to set resolutions you can evaluate whether the ones you set for 2020 (that you haven’t yet accomplished) are still relevant for you. If they aren’t, perhaps thinking of setting resolutions that are based on overall outcomes instead of one set goal and think about what is really important to you. For many, this year has taught us the importance of connection, health, and family so set resolutions that reflect the values that are most important to you.


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