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Tips to Calm Your Nerves Before a Big Event

Tips to Calm Your Nerves Before a Big Event

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Whether you need to give a presentation at work, are getting ready for an interview, or have an important meeting with your boss, most of us experience nervous jitters before an important event. It can feel like the anxiety keeps building in anticipation for the event, but with the below recommendations, hopefully, you can ground yourself so you’re able to bring your most composed and polished self to whatever event is the cause of your stress.


Listen to Music

Music can be an extremely effective tool to help with your mindset. Whether that’s listening to something relaxing to calm your nerves or listening to something inspiring to boost your confidence, create a few playlists ahead of time with your favorite songs to transport you to the mind frame you want to be in. Even dancing around a little bit to physically shake off some of your jitters can help.


Wear something you love

What we wear can also have a big impact on how we feel. If you’re giving a presentation or heading into an interview, chances are you’re already wearing something that you feel makes you look polished and is flattering. However, beyond simply wearing something that is the appropriate dress code, try to wear something that makes you feel like your best self and boosts your confidence.


Have something to eat or drink

If you’re heading into an important event with low blood sugar and an empty stomach, chances are you’ll just feel more stressed and off balance. You may not be feeling hungry at all but having a little snack just to stabilize your blood sugar can help calm your nerves.



Taking a few deep breaths (in through your nose and out through your mouth) can help lower your heart rate and ground your body. Taking a minute ahead of the interview/meeting/presentation to slow your breathing, which is scientifically linked to the parasympathetic nervous system, and can remove any fight or flight emotions.


Plan a Reward

Giving yourself something to look forward to after your big event can help you power through with the excitement of having a reward afterward. Maybe that’s your favorite drink from a coffee shop, meeting up with a friend for lunch, or having your favorite dinner and show that evening. This will also work as a tool to help you unwind after your stressful day.



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