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Why Companies are Turning to IT Contractors

Why Companies are Turning to IT Contractors

Author: Chris Alex /Wednesday, August 21, 2019/Categories: SNI Companies, SNI Technology

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As the demand for IT professionals increase, the use of contractors is becoming more and more common. A trend seen in this hiring direction is the time of which contractors are drastically needed — and, the common thread is ‘deadlines’. While full-time employees have dependable expertise and great ties to the company, there are noticeable pros for utilizing temporary employees to meet various deadlines, specifically ones that lie at the end of the year.

Schedule Flexibility
Gig workers are typically hired for project-based work, especially when businesses are hoping to complete assignments in a tight timeframe. This allows the employers to curate a schedule that is perfectly aligned with the project’s timeline and expected delivery date. In addition, contractors are not always expected to be in the office during typical work hours, so this provides opportunity for these temporary employees to work past closing hours, completing more work than is expected in a normal day. Luckily, this model is already very common in the IT industry, making the transition somewhat seamless.

Missing Experience
The most appealing factor when searching for contracted help is the freedom to identify an IT professional that excels in areas where the current full-time team may be lacking. When a company is against any deadline, specifically at the end of the year, it isn’t feasible to search, interview and onboard new employees to meet a particular goal. Enabling the ability to secure a part-time employee who already has the expertise is key to quick and efficient success.

Money Savers
While contractors may request an equal to or higher hourly compensation as current full-time professionals, the need for additional benefits is not required with this type of employment.

Companies are able to remove insurance, 401(k) and other costs that are typically required.

With the uprise of contract work, IT professionals, such as programmers, developers and analysts are needed in large volumes. Thanks to websites that have dedicated their content and mission to finding these experts jobs, it’s made it even easier for businesses to source and connect with contract workers across the country — allowing experienced workers to be at their fingertips when jobs and emails are marked as ‘urgent’!


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Chris Alex
Chris Alex

Chris Alex

Chris comes with 10+ years of Specialized Staffing industry experience and he has placed 400+ Professionals in various markets.

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Chris comes with 10+ years of Specialized Staffing industry experience and he has placed 400+ Professionals in various markets. He is a multi "Reach for the Stars (both Chairman's Club and President's Club)" Winner and he prides himself in having a high level of ethics while providing his clients with the highest level of service possible.


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