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Tips To Stay Focused At Work

Whether it’s a slower day, or you just didn’t get enough sleep the night before, undoubtedly, you’ll face days at work where it’s easy to get distracted or you simply don’t get a lot accomplished. Luckily, there are some simple tricks that can help you get more focused on such days.

Work the Hardest During Your Prime Time

Most people know when they have an energy peak during the day. Maybe that’s first thing in the morning, or later in the day after you’ve gotten into the flow and have fully awakened. Use that knowledge to your advantage and spend that time accomplishing your hardest tasks. During the lulls in your day, you may find your mind wandering and become tempted to check social media; if you can knock out a lot of work during your energy peak, those little distractions won’t be detrimental to getting your work completed.

Put Your Phone Away

Having your phone right next to you, makes the temptation of checking texts, emails, or social media all within an arm’s reach. If you’re needing to stay focused, put your phone in your desk drawer, or leave it in your bag, that way it’s out of sight and you won’t be so easily lured.

Let there be Light!

Studies have shown that a lot of natural light will lead to more alert employees, and that “Workers sitting close to a window that optimized daylight exposure reported a 2 percent increase in productivity.” While you’ll want to optimize natural light, you’ll also need to depend on artificial light which can be a bit trickier. The type of lighting you’re exposed to will affect your body’s circadian rhythm so you’ll want to strike the right balance between the lighting being too dim or too bright. In general, cool blue or cool white lights are the best for working and concentrating.

Stay Focused on One Task at a Time

In an article on Verywell Mind, they say that a good way to think of your attention is as a spotlight. “If you shine that spotlight on one particular area, you can see things very clearly. If you were to try to spread that same amount of light across a large dark room, you might instead only glimpse the shadowy outlines.” Using that analogy can help you think about what the most important tasks are that you need to accomplish that day, and to focus your attention on each task one at a time. While multitasking may sound great in theory, most people are a lot less productive, and if your concern is to be more focused, it’s better to focus your attention on one project at a time.