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Top Questions When Choosing a Staffing Agency

If you’ve been thinking about temporary or contract work, you’re not alone. According to the American Staffing Association, every day, more than 3 million Americans are on assignment through staffing companies. Whether you want a temporary job or a full-time position, working for a staffing agency is a great career move. To explore whether working with a staffing agency is the right choice for you, here are some questions to help you choose a prospective staffing agency:

  1. Does the staffing agency specialize in my field?

When working with a staffing agency, seek one that focuses on the specific skills and job industry you’re interested in. For SNI Companies, we have several industry specific divisions including Accounting Now, Staffing Now, SNI Financial, SNI Technology, SNI Banking, SNI Energy, SNI Certes, and SNI Human Resources.

  1. Does the recruiter have industry-specific experience?

Ensure your recruiter and their team are tapped into the local community and have established contacts and gained credibility in the industry.

  1. What’s the recruiter’s typical process for placing candidates?

An experienced recruiter knows the nuances and challenges involved with locating qualified candidates and matching them with the employer who best meets their needs and lifestyle. A good recruiter makes the job seeker their top priority.

  1. How long has the staffing agency been in business?

Staffing is an intricate industry, and one doesn’t learn how to succeed in it overnight. Look for a reputable staffing agency that’s an established business. Ask around to friends and colleagues. Word-of-mouth is how good recruiters get most of their business. SNI Companies was established in 1998 and is a continual winner of ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing for Client and Talent Satisfaction.

  1. How are you treated during the initial contact?

Were you greeted politely on the phone? What was the atmosphere in the office if you visited? Make sure the staffing agency and its workers are pleasant to work with and knowledgeable. You want to establish a friendly relationship with your recruiter since the two of you will be working together while trying to find your next job.

  1. Does the staffing agency fully understand your needs?

Are you a parent who wants to work a flexible schedule? Maybe you’re a recent college grad who wants to “try out” companies before committing to one. Or an experienced office manager seeking your next full-time position. Make sure the staffing agency has the types of jobs that will work with your lifestyle and let your recruiter know early on what factors are important to you.

  1. How many openings does the staffing agency currently have for the position you seek?

Will you have choices? Does the staffing agency have ten jobs that match your skills, or just one? You’ll want to choose an agency that has enough options.

  1. Does the staffing agency have jobs where you want to be?

A local presence is critical. Local businesses know other business owners in the area. There’s a higher likelihood that the staffing agency will have a variety of jobs at both large corporations and smaller businesses, which means more options for you.