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Asking For a LinkedIn Recommendation

One of the most important tools for job seekers is having an impactful LinkedIn profile. It’s something both recruiters and hiring managers check to see your work history, skillset, and credibility. In addition to having your professional photo, personal summary, work experience, and education listed, one way to help your LinkedIn profile really stand out is by having some stellar LinkedIn recommendations. Praise from a boss, client, or co-worker can be a selling point for hiring managers and capture your career strengths and milestones. Here are the ideal situations on when to ask others for a recommendation and the best way to go about it.


Ask the Right People at the Right Time

Having recommendations from a variety of people can help highlight your professional relationships with those in different capacities. For example, having a recommendation from a boss, plus a customer or client, as well as a co-worker, will provide a well-rounded view of how you work with different people. Once you know who you’re going to ask, see if there is an optimal time to reach out to them about it. While you can ask for a recommendation at any point, you may be met with a more welcoming response if you ask for that recommendation after successfully completing a large project or achieving a significant milestone at work.


How to Ask

You’ll want to make it as easy as possible for others to give you a recommendation on LinkedIn, so offer some bullet points, guidance, or even a rough draft of what you’d like included in the write-up. Put all of this into a professional and courteous email and make sure they are comfortable and happy to do so before sending them the request on LinkedIn. If you need help on what to write in your email, you’ll be able to find some good examples online. Your request may be met with a more generous response if you offer them something in return so depending on your relationship with that person, you can also offer to give them a LinkedIn recommendation if they write one for you.


Give Thanks

Asking for a LinkedIn recommendation can be a big ask, especially if that person goes above and beyond and writes a glowing and thoughtful recommendation for you. You’ll want to express your gratitude and at the very least write an email thanking them, or even send a small token of appreciation like a gift card to their favorite restaurant.