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Skills to Develop Now to Succeed in 2023

It’s hard to believe, but in just a few months we’ll be entering the new year. If you’ve been thinking of starting a new job but are waiting until the holidays have passed before you begin your search, use this time to start cultivating the below skills that will help you be competitive in the job market for next year.


Be Adaptive and Resilient

Between layoffs during the pandemic, the “great resignation”, inflation, etc., our work environment has seen a lot of change recently. While hopefully 2023 will feel less turbulent than these last few years, the truth is we just don’t know what to expect. Therefore, in today’s climate, it’s important to be adaptive and be willing to pivot and reinvent your career. Try to have a flexible attitude and instead of holding on with a tight grip to only what you know, approach things as they come and view new opportunities as exciting adventures allowing you to learn and grow. In an article on Forbes they write, “On the positive side, if you are good at critical thinking and problem-solving and have a flexible attitude, you can go with the flow. To succeed, keep your eyes open for changes that will usher in new and exciting opportunities that coincide with your skill sets.”


Develop Your Technical Skills

As technology advances more every day, even non-IT employees need to learn to develop their digital skills and be comfortable using a variety of software tools and devices. For those in the IT field, it’s important to continue to hone and learn the most in-demand skills for the coming years, which include blockchain development, cloud and distributed computing, search engine optimization, virtual reality (VR) development, and data analysis. Online courses are a great way to learn these skills while continuing to work full-time. Putting in the extra time now will pay off when you can list these in-demand skills on your resume and stand out in the sea of candidates.


Expand Your Soft and Hard Skills

We’ve written numerous articles on the importance of soft skills including the ones that will be the most in-demand and the ones hiring managers look for. Use the time between now and the new year to expand these skills. Regardless of your chosen career path, developing your soft skills is always beneficial since they are highly transferable. In an article on Forbes they say, “The ability to write well, speak intelligently, and communicate clearly and effectively is prized by major corporations. These skills greatly enhance your marketability. It’s essential to continue learning to keep up with new developments and trends impacting your job and career. If you become a lifelong learner, you’ll stand out and be far ahead of your cohorts.” Similarly, it’s also important to develop your hard skills which you can do through trainings, tutorials, or by taking on additional responsibilities at work. Hard skills are the objective and quantifiable skills needed to perform a job specific to your field, so consider the work you want to do in the future, and expand upon your knowledge now.