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Setting Yourself Up for a Productive 2023

The new year is almost here and with it comes a chance to begin with a fresh start and a clean slate. This is a great time to set intentions and evaluate what you’ve accomplished during the past year and what goals you may have for the upcoming year. You may have large career goals in mind, such as finding a new job or landing a promotion, but before embarking on the new year, now is the time to set yourself up for a successful 2023. Here are some tips to prepare…


Tackle Pushed Off Tasks Now

If you’ve had items on your to-do list that you keep intending to accomplish but keep pushing aside, now is the time. This could be something as simple as organizing your work notes/emails/desktop documents or if one of your plans for the new year is to find a new job, it may be updating your resume and your LinkedIn profile. Take care of all the “back-burner” tasks now so you don’t have them hanging over your head heading into the new year.


Take a Break

You’ll want to start the new year off refreshed, so make sure you enjoy some time off around the holidays to spend with your friends and loved ones. Taking breaks from work is vital to avoiding burnout, so take some time now to rest and recharge, that way you can head into the new year with a positive, can-do attitude.


Reflect and Set Attainable Goals

This is a great time to reflect on what you accomplished in the past year and what you hope to accomplish in the coming year. Forbes has an article on this where they write, “Reflection will be different for everyone. You can do this alone or with friends and family. This is the first step to determining your goals. If your goals have no meaning, you’re unlikely to achieve them. Also, if you have too many goals, you’re unlikely to achieve them. Pick your top five to get started.” Additionally, instead of large and lofty goals, think about what small attainable steps you can take to work towards those goals. We’ve written articles on this in the past, and the importance of creating realistic plans and staying consistent.