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The Proper Way to Give Your 2 Weeks’ Notice

When you find a new job, it’s important to let your current employer know in a way that is professional and courteous. Giving your employer advanced notice allows them time to think about finding a replacement and getting steps in place to make the transition from your departure as seamless as possible. This will reflect well on you and ensure you don’t burn any bridges since the connections you’ve built at your current company may be beneficial at some point again in your professional career. Here are some suggestions for how to handle letting your current employer know you found a new opportunity.


Letting Your Current Employer Know

Once you have officially been offered a new position that you accept, it’s time to let your current employer know. Schedule a meeting with your boss, ideally face-to-face, or if you work remotely have a virtual meeting. Think about positively sharing the news, mentioning what you enjoyed about your role, and thanking them for everything your current job offered you. You’ll also want to be proactive and think about ways you can help the company with the transition and some steps you have in mind. Being organized and on top of the situation will show your boss that you’re still invested in the success of the company and care about leaving on a positive note. During this meeting, you may also want to ask your boss how they’d like to handle communicating the news with your co-workers or team. They may want the news to come from them, and not you, so it’s important you’re on the same page. Another thing you’ll want to find out during this meeting is whether you’ll be doing an exit interview. Most companies have employees conduct an exit interview with HR which is where you’ll have an opportunity to offer constructive feedback and professionally discuss any recommendations you have on things they could handle differently.


Communicating the News

Depending on how your manager would like to handle sharing the news of your departure, it’s important to stay professional with your co-workers regarding your decision to leave. In an article on Glassdoor, they recommend sharing a transition plan if applicable saying, “For team members whom you work with closely, create and run through a transition document that delegates any unfinished tasks or projects of yours, and shares key information like important contacts.” Depending on your role, you may also need to share the news with your customers and clients, but first, ensure you and your manager are on the same page regarding how they’d like that communicated. When letting others know about your decision to leave, it’s important to stay positive and keep it brief, simply letting them know you’re ready to take on new challenges with your career and found an exciting new opportunity. For those you are close with and have built a good relationship, it’s important to stay in touch since you never know, your career paths may cross once again, and keeping those relationships strong is key for your professional network.