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How to Quickly Land a Job After Being Laid Off

With layoffs currently trending in the news, many are being affected by company cuts. Whether the news is delivered through an impersonal email or a sit-down conversation, hearing you are being let go can be devastating. With so many people’s identities tied to their job, there is not only the question of what job will you find next but also who are you without that job. It’s scary feeling like your world has turned upside down and you have to figure out what steps you should take next. With a layoff, it’s best to quickly recover and take some steps right away to help you land your next position.


Consider What It Is That You Really Want

Before jumping into a new job, it can be helpful to take a breather and use the time to assess what type of job and work environment you’d want. You may look back at your previous job and see that it wasn’t the ideal fit for you all along and to instead look at the layoff as an opportunity to find better employment elsewhere. In an article in Harvard Business Review, they recommend, “Write down exactly what you want and what’s important to you in your next move. These are your values, and if you understand them and what they mean to you, you’ll be able to make sure each job prospect is consistent with them. For example, if working with senior leaders in an organization is important to you and you won’t have that opportunity in a position, that job won’t fulfill your values. Taking the time to ensure value alignment will help you feel fulfilled in your next role.”


Reach Out to Your Network

One of the first things you should do is update your LinkedIn profile with the “Open to Work” feature so recruiters and those you’re connected with will know you’re looking for a new position. You’ll also want to spend the first day or two after your layoff connecting with former co-workers and managers to let them know you’re seeking employment and inquiring if they know of any openings at their company. Having a referral from someone who can vouch for you and get your foot in at a new employer can make a huge difference.


Work With a Recruiter

Connecting with a recruiter right away is another smart strategy to help you quickly land a new role. Recruiters will be able to help you find positions that are a good fit for your skillset and experience. They will help save you time since they’ll be able to quickly filter through multiple job boards and local job openings and decipher which roles you should pursue. They will also be there to help you through the process of updating your resume and prepping for interviews which can be especially helpful if you haven’t been in the market for a new role in a while.