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How To Have a Successful First Day at a New Job

Landing a new job can feel like a huge victory, and it is, but starting your first day at a new job can also be quite a mix of excitement and nerves. You’ll be working potentially at a new location, with a new boss, co-workers, and a new company culture. All the new beginnings can bring a lot of nervous energy, however, there are some actionable steps you can take leading up to your first day to help calm you and bring you into a more confident and present state. Here are our top recommendations…


Before Your First Day

  • Know the commute: if you’re starting a new job at a new location, we recommend taking a practice drive to the office at the time you’d be leaving for work in the morning to get an idea of the traffic you might expect. The last thing you’d want to do on your first day is show up stressed and late.
  • Ask about onboarding: before beginning a new job you’ll want to make sure you’ve coordinated with HR about their onboarding process, have completed all necessary paperwork ahead of time and are informed about what you might need to bring with you on your first day.
  • Think of potential questions: before your first day, start thinking about what questions you might have for your boss about your new position and bring that list with you.


On Your First Day

  • Wear a Great Outfit: to give yourself a little more confidence for your first day and to make a great impression, wear one of your favorite work-appropriate outfits. You’ll want it to not only be something you feel confident in but also comfortable since you may be moving around a lot, meeting new co-workers and getting a tour of the office.
  • Be Mindful of Your Body Language: our body language can convey a lot about how we are feeling, so be mindful of your posture, eye contact, and facial expressions. Think about how you are carrying yourself and try to convey as much confidence and ease as possible.
  • Be Sociable: on your first day try to be more social than you might normally be. In an article on World Economic Forum they write, “One of the most invaluable insights you can get in the beginning is how the department operates from the perspective of your peers. If you establish that you’re friendly and approachable early on, you will start on the right foot in establishing trust.”
  • Bring a Notepad: you’ll be learning a lot on your first day, so bring a notepad so you can jot down important notes and names you’ll want to remember. You want your manager to know you are paying attention, so writing down notes the day of (especially when you’re feeling more anxious than normal and perhaps less likely to retain information) is especially important.
  • Pay Attention: you want to spend most of your first day listening and observing, not only to those training you, but to also get a feel of the company environment and culture.
  • Express Gratitude: At the end of your first day, show your appreciation to your new boss and team. They likely spent a lot of their normal productive work time helping you learn the ropes so make sure you show them your appreciation and gratitude.