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Easy Ways to Increase Your Visibility at Work

For progressing in your career, being top of mind and standing out in your company to senior leadership is key. With many employees working remotely and hybrid, less visibility can sometimes hurt your opportunity to advance in your career. In the 2023 Future of Working and Learning Report, they found that “71% of senior HR leaders and 62% of senior business leaders agree or strongly agree that in-person workers probably benefit from a proximity bias”. For all employees wanting to move up the corporate ladder, and especially those not working in the office full time, increasing your visibility at work is essential. Here are some practical ways to go about it.


Speak Up in Meetings

If you are used to attending meetings and not participating in the conversation, there is a quick and easy fix to start increasing your visibility. If you find yourself more introverted and speaking up doesn’t come naturally to you, an article on Adobe recommends, “If you have trouble coming up with good ideas on the fly, prepare some thoughts beforehand. Consider reading through the agenda and brainstorming some questions, points, or ideas in advance. If your struggle is feeling like you have nothing new to add—or that someone else has already said it better—then make a point to speak up early on.” For those attending meetings virtually, it’s also important to be on screen. If sharing your camera during remote meetings is optional, it can be tempting to remain off-screen, but you will not get noticed that way, so it’s best to keep your camera on.


Build Your Relationship with Your Manager

Having a manager who is your champion and ally is a great asset to advancing your career, so it’s important to work on building that relationship. In an article on Forbes, they write, “In your next one-on-one, express interest in increasing your visibility at work. One idea is to ask to present at the next staff meeting or town hall. You’ll improve your public speaking skills while developing a reputation as a thought leader. Also, don’t be afraid to solicit feedback and ask your boss if they need help on any projects. You’ll form a more productive working relationship based on mutual respect by managing up.” A manager who supports you will advocate for you and may connect you with career growth opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.


Continue Learning and Take on New Projects

It’s important to always be challenging yourself and take the initiative to learn and grow. Doing things such as attending networking events, earning certifications/taking industry-specific courses, and attending conferences and industry events can help you develop and show leadership you are serious about your career and advancing your knowledge. Additionally, if you have the bandwidth, see about taking on added assignments and projects at work. While you don’t want to risk burning out, if you have the time, talk to your manager about what added responsibilities you could take on.