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Increasing Your Chance of Finding a Job

Finding a job, especially when you’re already working full-time, can be an exhausting endeavor. It takes a lot of time and effort to search for jobs that are a good match to your skill set and seem like an exciting opportunity. There is the time you put into looking at the various job boards, updating your resume, researching the companies you’re interested in, and finally preparing for and having a job interview. However, there are different approaches you can take towards finding your next position, increasing your chances of finding the right fit, and making the job search a little less painful. Here are a few actionable steps you should take…


Update Your LinkedIn and Your Resume

The first step to take when beginning a job search is to update your LinkedIn profile and resume. On LinkedIn, make sure your bio is up to date and you have information about your most recent position listed. Be mindful of how your profile would look to recruiters and hiring managers and ensure it’s polished and professional. With your resume, make sure to not only list your past job responsibilities and accomplishments but also think about including soft skills and people skills. Indeed has a helpful resource with 10 of the best skills to put on a resume, including active listening skills, communication skills, leadership skills, etc.


Reach Out to a Recruiter

After your LinkedIn account and resume have been updated, a good next step may be to reach out to a recruiter. Working with a recruiter to help land your next job is beneficial for several reasons. Not only will they know the local market and companies hiring people with your skill set, but they can also be a lending hand to guide you through the hiring process. Recruiters can work with you to fine-tune your resume, give you a more in-depth insider look at the companies you’re interviewing with, as well as help you prep for your interview. Recruiters can make the hiring process not only easier but also expedited.


Be Selective About the Jobs You’re Applying For

While it may be tempting to apply for every position you feel qualified for, hoping that it will increase your chances of landing a job, instead it can lead to you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. In an article on Indeed, they write “The right number of jobs to apply for is going to be different for each person. Instead of focusing on the quantity of applications you submit, put your energy into screening each job carefully so you can craft high-quality applications. These are some actions you may want to consider before you apply:

  • Read the job description from start to finish.
  • Identify what makes this job posting attractive to you.
  • Decide whether you could reasonably do this job by reviewing examples from your background that demonstrate the required skills and qualifications.
  • Take note of any instructions on how to apply.
  • Once you’ve started the application, carefully read and answer any questions.
  • Double-check your responses before you submit.

While this approach may increase the amount of time you spend upfront, it has the potential to shorten your job search overall because you’re submitting great applications that employers are more likely to respond to.”