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How To Answer: “Why Do You Want to Work Here?”

A common interview question you’ll likely be asked is why you want to work at the prospective company. This question will let the hiring manager know several things. It provides insight into if you’ve done your homework and have thoroughly researched the company ahead of time, including learning more about their history and company mission. It also tells them if you would be a good cultural fit and add value to the team. Remember, companies aren’t just hiring you, they are investing in you. Here are a few ways to prepare an answer to this common question that shows how motivated you are and that you’re the right person for the job.


Start Researching

The first thing you’ll want to do to help prepare your answer to this question is to do as much research on the company as you can. Go to their website and research their mission statement, company goals, and core values. You’ll be able to find a lot of content usually under their “About” page and should take notes on key statements you’ll want to use for your answer. Looking at their press releases and social media pages including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Glassdoor can also provide further insight. The more specific and personalized you can be with your answer and the more company details you can use, the better. For every company you’re interviewing with, you’ll want to craft a customized response to this question that’s relevant to that job and company.


Align Your Values

Once you’ve researched the company, think about how their company values align with your own core values. This is the time to really think about what type of culture you want to work in, what motivates you, and what you would need to achieve your career goals. Finding that personal connection and how you relate to the company and job description, while also focusing on the company, its needs, and the value you’d bring, will help you draft your answer.


Final Considerations

So now that you know more about what you should say with your response, there are some things you should avoid with your answer. Harvard Business Review has a few key points that should be avoided including the salary, the perks or benefits, the job title, the ability to work remotely or in a particular location, and finally that you couldn’t get another job you wanted. They also give the advice, “Before your next interview, practice your response to ‘Why do you want to work here?’ out loud, not just in your head. And keep in mind that the best answer is less about why you want them and more about why they should want you. If you convey passion, enthusiasm, and optimism with specificity, you’ll connect to the interviewer’s wish list in a way that will leave them thinking, ‘This is why we want you to work here.'”