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Keys To Success in Your First 90 Days

Starting a new role can be both exciting and stressful, with the first ninety days full of new experiences and potential challenges. These three months are commonly seen as the most crucial, as they are spent trying to impress your boss while proving your competency for the position. Luckily, there are several strategies to help make these ninety days as successful as possible. Here are a few tips…


Get Familiar 

One important thing to task yourself with is getting to know your team. These individuals are, undoubtedly, who you will be spending the most time with day-to-day. The connections made will help you from both a social and professional perspective. Spend time getting to know your new co-workers and others in the company to learn how you can best collaborate and support the organization and help you feel a part of the office culture. If there are organizations you can join or after-hour get-togethers with the team, consider taking part.


Define Success

With any new position, everything is, just that, new, including the overall goals for your team. Consider setting aside time to meet with your new manager to discuss their individual goals for you, as well as how your expertise and objectives will benefit the organization. Discuss how you will work together as a team, and the necessary resources for you to succeed in your new role. Understanding how they measure overall success should provide you with more specific guidelines on how to tackle your first set of projects while feeling confident.


3-Month Review

After the initial legwork is done and you have a few assignments under your belt, see if you can have a three-month review with your manager to discuss your successes and challenges thus far. Ninety days provide an ample amount of time for them to get to know you, your working style and passion for the job. A review provides a simple way to touch base on your growth in the position, and an opportunity for your manager to outline future milestones they would like you to accomplish. This also displays initiative on your part to discuss ways to enhance your development, while showing your openness to constructive criticism.


During the first three months, challenges will present themselves, especially while you are adjusting, but remember you were chosen for this job for a reason so have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Remain focused on what you have learned over the first ninety days and keep looking forward to what is to come. These tactics, hopefully, will be your recipe for continued success!