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Simple Ways to Increase Productivity

The definition of “productivity” can differ between people depending on aspects like their job function and what they are expected to accomplish. To some, productivity is simply crossing tasks off their to-do lists, while for others, it is measured by hitting certain targets and goals. Whatever your definition of work productivity is, there are some simple practices you can incorporate into your routine that will help increase your efficiency without having to spend more hours at your desk. Here are four simple habits that will set you apart from the rest of your colleagues and enhance your overall performance.


Get Ahead of Your Schedule

Oftentimes, your schedule evolves in real time versus planned ahead of time. This can result in stress and a lack of proactive thinking on action items you know must be completed by the close of business. While it’s hard to predict what the following day’s workload will look like completely, try to make a habit of looking at your calendar the night before and organizing your tasks by priority. By doing this, you will have mapped out your personal goals for the following day, and it will allow you to manage both you and your manager’s expectations on upcoming tasks.


Recap Meetings

Whether this is for yourself or your team, recapping conversations will benefit you in various ways. Most people will not be able to retain all of the content covered in a meeting, so to avoid asking for redundant information, have a notebook that you use for each meeting and write down key takeaways. Remembering specific aspects later on will show your attention to detail and help you stay organized.


Set Aside Personal Time

Devoting long hours to your career may show your dedication and passion to succeed, however, while we are committing our lives to the office, we often forget to give that same amount of quality time back to ourselves. Setting aside time for reflection and relaxation in your life is crucial for success and key to avoiding burnout. Be intentional in how you allocate your downtime by spending it doing things you enjoy and that will bring you happiness rather than stress.


Live a Healthy Lifestyle 

Along with taking time for yourself comes implementing a healthy lifestyle to increase your energy, focus, and ultimately, your productivity. While it may sound cliché, make a conscious effort to pay attention to what you eat and how often you exercise. Both areas affect your mind, specifically where it tends to focus. Following a healthy regime will help your body to recharge naturally and set you on a path to purpose.