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Ways to Stay Engaged as a Remote Worker

Over the years, remote work opportunities have increased more and more, and now is a criteria many professionals look for during their job search. This benefit enables individuals to have more flexibility with their schedule, save money and time on commuting, and lead to a potentially better work-life balance. However, one downside is the lack of company culture seen or felt daily. For remote employees who feel like they’ve lost that connection being in an office provides, here are a few ways to shift this perception and connect often with your team, providing motivation and engagement.


Team Schedule

Commonly, the biggest remote work perk is being able to complete your tasks on your own time, not necessarily following a broader, distinct schedule. You ultimately know your most productive time of the day, so use this to your advantage to ensure you are producing your best work. However, utilizing a schedule is a way to connect with your team and telework alongside them. Doing this will allow time for quick regroups and brainstorming.


Communication Tools

With digital workspaces on trend right now, many employees working inside and outside of the office are all converting to app and cloud-based programs. Utilize these functionalities and find one that best suits your team for both organization and easy communication purposes. Chat apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack give a team space to talk and share files in real time. Additionally, there are others to be considered that offer a place to streamline tasks, so, even though you aren’t desk mates with your peers, you are still able to efficiently collaborate. In an article on Forbes, they write, “As human beings, we are built for connection, and that connection can happen virtually in so many ways. Do a virtual walking meeting with a colleague where you catch up on each other’s life and work. Connections thrive on frequent interactions. A simple five- to 10-minute check-in can make a big difference. Share humor virtually with a colleague. Laughter builds connections.”


Culture Outings 

Make an effort to attend events outside of office hours with your team. Casual outings designate time for team bonding and getting to know your colleagues on a level other than just work conversations. In an article on LinkedIn about staying engaged while working remotely, they recommend, “Even working from home your company most likely has several events outside of the office. The events might be holiday parties, retirement dinners, or other special activities. Attending these types of events will help you remain engaged with your co-workers.” Feeling a connection to your company will enhance your overall mindset about the organization and job you do, ultimately pushing you forward in your role.


Company culture does not have to appear nonexistent to remote employees. While it may take a bit of extra work to cultivate company culture in a remote team, it can be successfully done. Taking these tips into consideration will boost morale amongst remote workers and identify a new sense of teamwork.