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What To Do Before Starting a New Job

Starting a new job can be filled with a mix of excitement and stress. It will likely be jampacked with meeting new faces and seemingly endless HR paperwork, but it is also the initial chance you are given to make an impression on your team and other colleagues. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed during this time, take a moment to breathe and make a list of the major things you need to remember and accomplish that first day. Being prepared will help you show up to the office with confidence and ease your nerves. Here are some recommendations on what to do before starting your first day.


Do You Research

In addition to learning about the role you are about to walk into, you should also read up on the company. Some things to research include: Where is it headquartered? When was it founded? What departments and teams make up the business structure? Who are the leaders of the company? Taking an interest in these various aspects will help familiarize you with the culture while avoiding any awkward questions for your new manager.


Have Conversation Starters

Although it may sound strange, identify a few appropriate topics, work or non-work-related, that you are comfortable talking about with strangers. These will come in handy if there is awkward silence during a conversation or you are invited to lunch with a group of unfamiliar coworkers. Striking up conversation will show you are interested in getting to know your colleagues and not afraid or shy to chat with your peers around the office. Additionally, it may be helpful to come up with an elevator pitch. In an article on Business Insider they write “Get ready to give a 30-second explainer of who you are and where you were before, as many new colleagues will likely ask about your previous place of employment, Taylor said. Be prepared to also describe what you’ll be doing in this new position, since there may be people who have a vague understanding of your role or simply want to strike up a conversation.”


Pick Out Your Outfit

To make the morning of your first day a little easier, lay out your outfit before you go to bed the night prior. If you do not know what is expected for you to wear, always lean towards business casual to ensure you are not underdressed or appear unprofessional on your first day. Ultimately, this is a good habit to get into for the following days to save yourself time each morning ensuring you can arrive prompt and continue impressing your manager.


Set Your Alarm and Relax

Set your alarm the night before to ensure you wake up with plenty of time to get ready for your first day. Additionally, take the necessary measures you need to relax the night before and stop your mind from overthinking. In an article on Indeed, they recommend “First days at work can give you a nervous excitement, which is normal. To feel more relaxed, try to rest the day before, and get a good night’s sleep. Give yourself plenty of time to get to work early so you don’t feel rushed. You can also try deep breathing techniques during breaks in your onboarding to stay calm and focused, which can help you remember more.”