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Culture Fit Questions to Ask in an Interview

When interviewing there are several questions you’ll likely want answered during the process such as: What a typical day would look like, why the vacancy exists in the first place, and what the management style would be. In addition to these types of questions, it’s important to find out about the company culture and if it’s an environment you would fit well into. While the interviewer will likely ask you questions to find out if you would be a good fit for the team/company from their perspective, if you feel those questions and answers aren’t explained thoroughly enough, here are some additional questions you can ask at the end of the interview to learn more about the company culture.


What Do You Enjoy About Working Here?

Finding out the interviewer’s favorite things about the company you’re interviewing with can help give you an insider’s perspective. In an article on Monster, they recommend asking a similar question elaborating, “This question plays into people’s pride of their company, which can be strategic when asking about work culture. If someone can answer quickly with things they love, it shows they’ve got genuine love for their job (or at least strong like). Similarly, it’s actually a good idea to ask the opposite of this question, too: “If you could change two things about the company, what topics would you tackle?” recommends Leigh Steere, co-founder, Managing People Better in Boulder, Colorado. But only ask this question if you’ve asked about that person’s favorite aspects of working at the company—that way it’s a natural counterpart and not taken out of context.”


What Are the Company Values?

Asking for more clarification about the company values and mission statement is beneficial not only because it will help you determine whether those values align with your own, but it’s also an opportunity to show the interviewer you’ve done your research. You can often find the company’s mission statement and values on their website, so during your interview, you can bring up what you’ve already learned and ask the interviewer questions about those or to elaborate.


What Does Work/Life Balance Look Like for This Role?

It’s important to clarify during the interview process the company’s expectations on how demanding the job would be and whether it’s the type of role where you’ll need to be easily accessible at all times, or if once you’ve finished for the day, can truly leave work behind. Everyone has different work styles and lifestyles, so it’s important to be honest with yourself and find a role that will work for you so you can be successful in the long run.


What Type of Team Building Activities Does the Company Do?

Some organizations spend more time and resources on team-building activities than others. Determine what would be the most beneficial for you and then find out what the company does. In an article on Indeed, they write, “An employer who values an open and communicative company culture is likely to encourage employees to engage in team-building activities. By participating in fun games, challenges and events, employees can learn more about each other. Asking this question can help you determine if you may be comfortable participating in the team-building activities the company provides. Other follow-up questions that may help you learn about the culture involve asking about social events, like holiday parties and happy hours, or daily social interactions, such as if people typically eat alone at their desks or together in a break room.”