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How To Impress a New Boss

Whether you’re new at the job and want to make a good first impression, or have a new manager who has taken over, it can be nerve-wracking to work with someone new whose opinion of you can dictate the success of your role. If you find yourself stressed out over the thought of working with a new boss, don’t fret. Here are some suggestions to help…


Research Their Background

If you know who your new manager will be ahead of time, do a little research on their background. Start by looking at their LinkedIn profile. Their summary, work history, education, and endorsements will provide a good base level of information. From there you can take a look at the company they worked at previously to get an idea of their work background and the type of environment they are coming from.


Respond Quickly

When your new manager emails you or reaches out to you via instant messaging on a tool like Microsoft Teams or Slack, be sure to respond promptly. In an article on Forbes, they recommend, “This is one of the best ways to stand out to your new employer. Many companies are now using Slack for employees to communicate rather than email. From team channels to one-on-one with your boss, you need to have your notifications on during work hours so that you don’t miss a message. It is important to not have your phone on silent, especially when starting a new job. Learn the lay of the land before posting on Slack. See what your colleagues post and be supportive when your boss posts. It can be easy to forget some channels exist but responding slowly can make or break your career.”


Be Punctual

In addition to responding to emails and messages on time, you’ll also want to make sure you are on time for work in the morning, calls, meetings, or any deadlines for projects you have. Doing so will show your new manager you are organized, reliable, and respect their time.


Be Respectful

While the point above is one way to show your respect to a new manager, you also want to think about other ways you can be respectful. In an article on LinkedIn, they write, “Respect is essential for any professional relationship, especially with your new boss. Respect their authority, opinions, and feedback, even if you don’t agree with them. Listen actively, ask relevant questions, and avoid interrupting or contradicting them. Respect also means being polite, courteous, and considerate of their preferences and boundaries.” This is especially important while you are getting to know them and over time can become a bit more opinionated with your ideas and suggestions.