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How to Answer “Is There Anything Else I Should Know About You?”

While it may seem like a vague interview question, the reason a hiring manager would ask “Is there anything else I should know about you?” is because they want to get to know you better and learn more about you both professionally and personally. Answering this question in the right manner can help you stand out from other candidates and close the deal. Here are some tips on the best ways to answer this question.


Reiterate Your Interest

It’s a good idea to reiterate why it is you are interested in the role and your desire to work for the company. Ideally, aim for a balance between being excited but not sounding desperate. In an article on LinkedIn they write, “If you ACTUALLY really want the job, I recommend responding to this question by saying something like, “I really appreciate your time today. I feel like I got a good sense of the actual position. I also genuinely like the team and your leadership style. I feel like my experience doing XXX would translate well to this department. You mentioned early on in the interview that you were looking for someone with XX. I have XX (one brag point). I am hopeful that we can move to the next step in this process”. The key here is not sounding desperate but re-stating your interest in the role and that you are confident you have what it takes to do the job.”


Bring Up Your Skills

Think of answering this question as another way to sell yourself and highlight your skills and experience. In an article on Career Contessa, they write, “Is there a particularly impressive part of your resume you didn’t discuss during the interview? Well, here is your chance! The job interview is your chance to shine. If an interviewer didn’t touch on the proudest parts of your resume, don’t hesitate to bring them up at the end of the interview—especially if they closely relate to the position.”


Clarify Your Previous Answers

It’s completely normal to feel nervous in an interview and forget to mention something or regret how you stated a response. If they close the interview by asking something along the lines of “Is there anything else I should know about you?” look at it as a good opportunity to clarify things. In an article on Indeed, they write, “When answering this question, clarify any details you’ve previously discussed with the hiring manager. For example, you may remember a particular accomplishment in a previous role. In your response to this question, you can reference that achievement to demonstrate how you may have the same success in the new position. If you have several points you want to clarify, pick the most important one that matches the position the best. Choosing one key point to clarify can help you keep your answer concise and appear organized and thoughtful.”