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Skills To Include on Your Resume for 2024

In today’s tight job market, having a strong resume is key to standing out. You want to include quality information on your resume, and not “fluff” so it’s important to think about what skills would be required for the job you are applying for and adjust the skills you have listed accordingly. It should go without saying, but any skills you list on your resume need to be true for you. Here are some of the top skills that most employers love to see on your resume.



No matter the job, there will be problems that arise at one point or another. Employers want to know that they are hiring someone capable and adaptable who will be able to smoothly handle tough situations. Think about a time you’ve been able to come up with a quick and effective solution to a problem at work and list those examples on your resume. In an article on Indeed they write, “Problem-solving skills enable you to determine the root of a problem and quickly find an effective solution for all parties. This skill is highly valued in any role and across industries. Effectively solving problems in your role might require certain industry or job-specific technical skills.”


Communication Skills

Whether it’s written or verbal, communication skills are key for most professions, so it’s important to list examples of those on your resume. In a Forbes article they write, “For instance, a good way to talk about your communication skills would be to relate how you are adept at adapting your communication style to the individual, at all levels of an organization. You can also mention how you are a clear and confident communicator, or how you motivate and coach your team within your one-to-one performance reviews, or how you chair weekly meetings.”



Companies want to hire employees who are adaptable and can work to get the best result no matter the situation. In the same Forbes article, they write, “This skill, which was named LinkedIn’s top “skill of the moment” for 2024, means that you are able to adjust to change and risk, and lead your team and organization to navigate these challenges effectively.”



At one point or another, most jobs require you to work with coworkers, and companies want to know that you’ll be able to thrive in a team environment. In an article on Indeed they write, “Many jobs require you to work well within a team. If you’re a strong team player, you want to highlight this strength whenever you apply for a job that is looking for this trait. By making some minor tweaks to your resume, you can showcase your ability to work well within a team and get results.”