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Answers to “Tell Us a Fun/Interesting Fact About Yourself”

A common request you’ll likely encounter in both your personal and professional life is to tell a fun fact/something interesting about yourself. You may encounter this question during an interview, as an icebreaker question during a team meeting, at a networking event, or when introducing yourself. If you’re stuck on ideas for what to share here are some great places to start. We’ve broken it up into two categories: personal fun facts and professional fun facts. So, bookmark this page and use it as a refresher before your next interview or group meeting.


Personal Fun Facts

When thinking about your personal fun fact choose something fun and unique but also something you would not regret sharing later on. In an article on Career Contessa, they caution, “For example, if you share that you can do a double backflip, expect to be asked to do it for every person, at every party, and at the end of every meeting, and for the company TikTok.” So, choose your fun fact wisely. Some good examples of personal fun facts are:

  • Your hobbies/how you spend your time outside of work
  • Hidden talents or skills
  • Places you’ve traveled
  • If you have a lot of siblings/or had an interesting childhood
  • What musical instruments you play


Professional Fun Facts

If you’re asked for a fun fact during an interview, or specifically asked for a professional fun fact about yourself, you’ll want to share something that isn’t too personal, and certainly not anything unprofessional or controversial. You may choose to share something that’s relevant to the job. For instance, in an article on Indeed, they recommend “Find a way to answer this icebreaker by showcasing how it relates to your strengths and abilities. When picking your interesting fact, think of how it reflects on you as a person and a professional.” Some examples of good professional fun facts include:

  • Your biggest workplace accomplishment
  • What languages you speak
  • Volunteer experience
  • Skill(s) you’ve learned in the past couple of years
  • An impressive goal you’ve set for the year (i.e. running a marathon)