Making the Most of a Lunch Meeting

Lunch meetings can create a bit more pressure than a typical in-office meeting or a conference call due to the different environment. Getting distracted by the hustle and bustle of a restaurant, improper social or table etiquette, and food allergies or preferences, are some challenges you may be faced with. Here are some ways to […]

Building a Strong Professional Network

Having a robust and wide professional network can be a huge advantage for your career. Networking is all about relationships and being surrounded by people who know you and your capabilities. However, having a strong network doesn’t come without some effort; It takes time, energy, and the willingness to put yourself out there. Here are some tangible tips that can help you begin. Be Strategic The key to networking isn’t about […]

Why to Give a 2-Weeks Notice

As our society moves more and more toward communicating through email, text messaging, and other forms of e-communication where we are not face-to-face, it has appeared to become easier and easier for people to seemingly dismiss the traditional professional notice. Whether that looks like resigning by sending a text, by leaving a letter on a […]

Communicating Complex Ideas

When presenting complex ideas, the key is to make them clear and simple enough for others to grasp and understand. Depending on what you’re sharing or presenting, always take into consideration your audience. They may not be able to grasp the idea in the same way you did, so it’s important to present the information clearly and concisely so that others […]

How Indecision May Be Hurting Your Career

Did you know that on average most adults make about 35,000 decisions each day? If you find that number shockingly high, think about all of the micro decisions you make throughout the day. In a post on Roberts Wesleyan College they write, “As consumers Americans have come to expect an incredible variety of choices… And we’ve got them.  Every day we are faced […]

Increasing Visibility at Work as an Introvert

Something that doesn’t get discussed often is the complexity of different personality types in a work environment, and by this, we are talking about specifically extroverts and introverts. These two different personality types may function differently at work and their progress up the career ladder may look different because of that. In an article on Forbes they […]