Recovering From a Bad Interview

Most people at some point in their career will be faced with having a bad interview. Even with thorough research and preparation, sometimes interviews go south. Sometimes you are lucky enough to notice mid-interview and can try to salvage it, and, other times, you don’t realize until you are in your car driving home. So, […]

Writing a Post-Interview Thank You Letter

After an interview you’ll likely be met with a few thoughts, one of relief that the stress of the interview is behind you, and another of replaying the conversation in your head regarding how well you answered the questions. One step though you would be remiss in passing up is the opportunity to send the […]

About Our 2024 Salary Guide

If you have worked with SNI Companies over the years, you are probably already familiar with our yearly salary guide. It’s an annual report that looks at salary projections for the coming year and offers insight on hiring trends. We offer this free of charge to our clients and candidates and it has proven to […]

How To Answer What’s Your Greatest Personal Achievement

One common interview question you may encounter is what your greatest personal achievement/accomplishment has been in your life thus far. This question is a way for the hiring manager to learn more about you, your values, and what you consider important in your life. As they write in an article on Forbes, “Stories are the most […]

Ways to Stay Engaged as a Remote Worker

Over the years, remote work opportunities have increased more and more, and now is a criteria many professionals look for during their job search. This benefit enables individuals to have more flexibility with their schedule, save money and time on commuting, and lead to a potentially better work-life balance. However, one downside is the lack […]

How Long It Takes to Find a Job and Ways to Speed Up Your Results

Being on the job market can be an exhausting, challenging, and sometimes disappointing endeavor. While every situation is different, studies show that on average it takes 3-6 months to land a new job. If it feels like you’ve been on the hunt for a while and are getting discouraged by the lack of activity and results, know […]