How To Have a Successful First Day at a New Job

Landing a new job can feel like a huge victory, and it is, but starting your first day at a new job can also be quite a mix of excitement and nerves. You’ll be working potentially at a new location, with a new boss, co-workers, and a new company culture. All the new beginnings can […]

Being More Adaptive in the Face of Challenge

When faced with challenges, we often default to old habits and solutions, however, what may have worked in the past, isn’t always the right solution to the problem you may be facing now. Instead, it requires being more open-minded and adaptive to new solutions and approaches. In today’s blog, we’ll look at ways to help […]

Getting More Done in Less Time

Many have heard the phrase “work smarter and not harder”, which sounds great in theory but is not always very clear on how to implement. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, work burnout is an all too common workplace occurrence, and working long hours every day to get all your assignments and tasks completed isn’t a great […]

How to Quickly Land a Job After Being Laid Off

With layoffs currently trending in the news, many are being affected by company cuts. Whether the news is delivered through an impersonal email or a sit-down conversation, hearing you are being let go can be devastating. With so many people’s identities tied to their job, there is not only the question of what job will […]

Why to Be Cautious of Counteroffers

When you let your current employer know that you’ve been offered a new position, you may be met with a lucrative counteroffer or promise of a promotion and raise, all to encourage you to stay. While a counteroffer may look like an enticing option, there are some pitfalls and reasons you should be cautious to […]

Addressing a Layoff During an Interview

If you’ve been laid off, addressing this during an interview can feel uncomfortable and embarrassing. However hiring managers are going to want to know why you’re unemployed so coming up with a well thought out and practiced answer is key to addressing this question as gracefully as possible. As with all interview questions, you’re going […]