How to Answer “What Motivates You?” in an Interview

During a job interview, a seemingly simple question you might get asked is what motivates you. Money may be what first comes to mind, but it is recommended that you have a more thoughtful and detailed response. This is a time during the interview to show more enthusiasm while giving the interviewer a glimpse into […]

Ways to Tailor Your Resume For a Specific Job

If you’re on the job market, you’ve probably heard the importance of tailoring your resume for each specific job you are applying for. Tailoring your resume is important for a number of reasons. It highlights that you are qualified for the position and that your skills and experience align with the job requirements; it also […]

Tips For Being More Productive While Working Remotely

Working remotely comes with its own unique set of challenges, to include not having the structure and social aspect of going into an office. While some people thrive in a remote work environment, for others it takes some getting used to with trial and error to find what routine works best for them. If you […]

Simple Ways to Relieve Stress During a Busy Work Day

Many employees these days feel burnt out, overwhelmed, and exhausted. In an article on CNBC they posted a study which found that “Nearly 50% of employees and 53% of managers report that they’re burned out at work” and while burnout is not a new concept, stress and anxiety levels have increased since the start of […]

Setting (and Attaining) Small Work Goals Before the New Year

While typically most people wait until January 1st to set their big goals and resolutions, now is the perfect time to set smaller goals that can kickstart good habits. Goals help motivate and give you something to strive for since it’s in our human nature to want to continuously improve. Here is a list of short-term, […]

Becoming a Better Listener

Listening is an important component of any job. Not only do you want to make sure to pay attention, so you don’t forget important details, but you want to give the person speaking your undivided attention to show that you value their time and thoughts. With so many distractions at work such as chats, emails, […]