How Indecision May Be Hurting Your Career

Did you know that on average most adults make about 35,000 decisions each day? If you find that number shockingly high, think about all of the micro decisions you make throughout the day. In a post on Roberts Wesleyan College they write, “As consumers Americans have come to expect an incredible variety of choices… And we’ve got them.  Every day we are faced […]

Increasing Visibility at Work as an Introvert

Something that doesn’t get discussed often is the complexity of different personality types in a work environment, and by this, we are talking about specifically extroverts and introverts. These two different personality types may function differently at work and their progress up the career ladder may look different because of that. In an article on Forbes they […]

Increasing Focus at Work

Many people may have moments throughout their day where they find themselves distracted or unable to concentrate at work. While some distractions are inevitable, the problem is when it’s for extended periods of time and begins to affect your ability to be successful. Author James Clear writes, “Focus is how you knit the hours of […]

Better Communication in Different Workplace Scenarios

Excellent communication is a skill not to be overlooked in the workplace. Two people could have the same level of knowledge, but the one who can express themselves and communicate well will likely get much further in their career. Apart from presenting our ideas, communication is also important for building relationships, navigating problems, and is […]

Creating Habits and Rituals to Increase Your Productivity

Having habits and rituals in place can help improve your productivity at work, which in turn can increase your job satisfaction and overall well-being. When we lean on habits and rituals in our daily routine, they can reduce our cognitive load and decision-making, helping to provide a sense of direction and purpose in our day. In today’s […]

What to Leave OFF Your Resume

We so often hear about what you should include on your resume, but it isn’t often discussed what you should leave off. It’s important to spend time working on your resume and ensuring it’s thoughtfully crafted and every word has a purpose. Leaving off any fluff or filler words and spelling mistakes or grammar errors […]