Job Hunting at the End of the Year

As we approach the last couple of months of the year, some may feel like putting a pause on their job hunt until after the busy holiday season. Many people assume that November and December are the worst times to look for a new job, however, that isn’t necessarily the case. Here are some of […]

Helping New Team Members Feel Welcomed

As exciting as the first day of a new job can be, it is never fun to feel like the newbie and not yet a part of the team. So, as a veteran at the company, when a new employee joins the team, you’ll want to make them feel comfortable in their new environment. To […]

Tips on Staying Focused at Work

It’s easy to get distracted throughout the work day – whether that’s from the pull of checking social media, noisy co-workers, emails and instant messages, or a messy workspace demanding your attention. There are days when it’s easy to cancel out the outside world and focus solely on the job at hand, and others where […]

What To Do Before Starting a New Job

Starting a new job can be filled with a mix of excitement and stress. It will likely be jampacked with meeting new faces and seemingly endless HR paperwork, but it is also the initial chance you are given to make an impression on your team and other colleagues. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed during […]

Recovering From a Bad Interview

Most people at some point in their career will be faced with having a bad interview. Even with thorough research and preparation, sometimes interviews go south. Sometimes you are lucky enough to notice mid-interview and can try to salvage it, and, other times, you don’t realize until you are in your car driving home. So, […]

Writing a Post-Interview Thank You Letter

After an interview you’ll likely be met with a few thoughts, one of relief that the stress of the interview is behind you, and another of replaying the conversation in your head regarding how well you answered the questions. One step though you would be remiss in passing up is the opportunity to send the […]